Friday, January 13, 2017

Who's Your Guru?


The "Genealogy Guru" just wants to have fun.  Seems like I've heard that somewhere before.  Donald Trump?  No, but he is funny, in a weird way.  Maybe it was Cyndi Lauper?  She was a girl, not a guru.  Anyway ...

This blog is all about having fun with genealogy. Genealogy doesn't seem like a fun topic.  There is a lot of really serious stuff that goes with researching a genealogy.  Lots of dead people. More dead people than live ones. Lots of obits. Funerals galore. Many visits to cemeteries to look at tombstones. Lots and lots of tombstones.

But there are funny ways to look at it all.  And here I will try to find what I can to cheer you up, make you laugh some, and just hope there is something that I can post here that will make a visit worth your while.

So here goes nothing ...



Who's your guru?